Anime avatar maker

The create your own anime character, web apps have a variety of options for each user to choose from in terms of whichever character they may want to make. Whether it be in the image of oneself, of friends, family, famous people, or anyone in between, your imagination is virtually your only limitation when creating your anime character at

When you begin, you have the tough choice between male or female avatars. Right out of the gate, as soon as you’ve made your gender selection, you are launched into the main portion of the app, where you will decide face, eyes, hair, clothes, and background. That is not where the depth ends, though. As each tab has sub tabs, providing everyone with maximum customizability.

The beauty of it all is you’re not tied to any order of operations. If the hair on your avatar matters before all, then you can change that right away and take on other choices afterward. Eyes not right? Need to see your avatar with glasses before setting the face? It can all be done via a few select clicks, in any order.

Generally though, more often than not, users will first select their avatar’s skin color, and will be pleased to find twenty-one different colors to choose from. This is often where these sorts of apps slip up, but provides the most subtle of color differences in order to make sure everyone is served.

On from color selection, face is the next choice in the tab order, and within lies options for shape, mouth, nose, and ears as well. The same large variety of selection can be found here, with 15 face, mouth, and nose shapes (along with 7 ear shapes), all with size and alignment adjustment options to boot.

Of course, it does not end there, as when moving on to the eyes tab and revealing the sub tabs for eye shape, iris, eyebrows, & glasses, also unveils a plethora of customization options for those respective sub tabs as well. All with alignment and size adjustments just as the face sub tabs contained.

With these options, specifically the eye shape, iris, and eyebrow options, you will find you can make your avatar as realistic or cartoony as you truly want. If what you desire are big anime eyes with huge eyebrows and a classic smirk, that is exactly what will come out when choosing those respective features. If, conversely, your character is meant to be a mirror to your everyday outward expressions, those options, whether modest or bold, are open to everyone as well.

Another great customization option within the eyes tab is the glasses sub tab. gives 9 choices of clear prescription-type glasses, and 8 sunglass-type pairs. Each pair was chosen wisely to compliment face shapes and/or personality. They knocked it out the park with these options.

Once the face and eyes are taken care of, many will choose hair next. Within the hair tab you will find choices for on head, mustache, and beard (mustache and beard only available for males, unfortunately). There are 18 on head hair styles for men and 16 for women. Either before or after your style is selected, there is a selection of 21 hair colors to decide between, as well.

For Men, the mustache and beard sub tabs provide another chance at creating a truly unique character to share with everyone across the net. From handlebar mustaches to soul patches, everything you could want is here.

What comes after face, eyes, and hair? Clothes! Obviously your avatar needs to be dressed to impress to achieve the look. There are 13 male clothing options and 15 female clothing options. Most of the options are business friendly, and all of them are fun. Just as before, there are colors to choose from, 21 to be exact.

Since this is almost like a virtual portrait, it’s only fitting that there is a background, and a selection of 15 different styles with 21 color variations. Styles range from plain to striped to crazy patterns. Something for everyone.

Now, you’re finally done creating your avatar. There are a range of decisions to be made now. If you don’t like what’s in front of you, you can either randomize, bringing about a completely pre-selected but randomly generated avatar; you can reset, starting you back at square one; you can export your avatar to Gravatar, where you will sign in and set everything up from there; or, lastly, you can download your avatar, why not? It’s made by you, so it’s perfect.