YouTube Thumbnails Are Doing Magic

Good Old YouTube

Yes, it’s pretty old. And YouTube is still a wonderful and modern platform to show off talent, be discovered, help others by means of being informative, your own television show, or simply just a place to create something simple such as a video diary or just a place where you store your favorite music and photos for others to easily access.

While YouTube has certainly grown from simply harboring funny videos and music videos, it has now grown to an almost Netflix-esque type of service, where, in addition to the aforementioned things one can do with this platform, you can now watch movies or television programs on any device that is YouTube compatible—and nowadays, that’s almost everything from your cell phone to your gaming console, tablet, or even your Smart TV!


We all love YouTube – there’s no denying that. But with billions of videos available for viewing on that platform, how do we choose which ones we really want to see? We typically choose the YouTube videos that have the most enticing or intriguing looking thumbnails, of course!

What About Thumbnails?

There are also plenty of reasons as to why we would want to download these thumbnails from YouTube. They can create gorgeous and captivating marketing technique for your business, as well as also ensure you that your video is going to receive the amount of views that it deserves and will reach the audience that you intended it to. Incidentally, there are also hundreds of videos available on YouTube right now that show you exactly how to get the perfect thumbnail necessary for your very own video.

So, how do you do it?

Well, as I said, there are a few different ways to go about it, but simply put: once you’re logged into your YouTube account and surfing the channels available, find the video that you want to create a thumbnail for, highlight the link for it, right click with your mouse, and select copy. Next, you’ll want to create a new tab on your browser and open up a youtube thumbnail downloader and proceed to right click in the area where the page asks for a video URL, and select the paste option.

The website will then provide you with all of the available thumbnails in the best quality possible for your picking. This is a wonderful tool because it eliminates having to scroll through many minutes or hours worth of footage just to find the perfect thumbnail. The website does it all for you!

After you’ve selected the thumbnail that you like the best, you can go ahead and edit it. Keep in mind that the editing portion is supposed to be something that grabs the attention of your viewers, so adding a filter, a funky border, or even a fun and simply explanative text of the main idea. This is a step that will only increase your views. On the other hand, if you choose to take a more hip and post-modern route, you can keep it as an exact and raw screenshot from your video masterpiece. This is entirely up to you, and these are simply two of the most used routes for creating high quality YouTube thumbnails. Feel free to customize however you would like!

Another Thing To Keep In The Forefront Of Your Mind

Is that while the YouTube thumbnail downloader is incredibly convenient and ensures that you get the highest resolution possible, if you don’t have access to a site which enables you to do so, you can simply take a screenshot and sharpen and edit the image to your personal likings. This requires much more work and searching through frames, but if you find yourself in a real pinch for whatever reason or find that your favorite YouTube thumbnail download site is down for maintenance, this definitely works.

Hopefully after reading this you’re feeling much more versed in how to create the perfect YouTube thumbnail for your channel. There are plenty of other types of little tips and tricks that you will find out as you create, and of course, only you know exactly what kind of an audience you’re trying to reach, so only you’ll know exactly how you’ll want to edit it. However, this was meant to give you a leg up to everything you need to be on the right track to YouTube success!